The road to a manufacturable product


We offer the following services individually or as a comprehensive package, depending on your needs:


The crucial decisions concerning a project are made during the concept phase, making it an important first step in a project. Why not rely on the experience of aerne engineering to make sure your project is on the right track right from the start?


Finding clever solutions for a wide range of problems is what drives the technicians and engineers at aerne engineering, and they use state-of-the-art 3-D CAD software to help them in their quest. This enables them to identify and avoid possible errors and risks at an early stage.

Our standard CAD tools

  • SolidWorks
  • Autodesk Inventor Series
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical
  • Other systems on request

High-speed camera

aerne engineering also offers high-speed photography as an additional service in the design phase. This allows for the recording of extremely short or fast-moving processes that cannot be registered by the human eye or captured with conventional cameras, and enables highly detailed optimisations to be carried out where necessary.


Are your products too expensive to manufacture? Are you on the lookout for more cost-effective production, smaller numbers of components or alternative production techniques?
aerne engineering supports you with regard to technical and design issues, and offers expert advice. Take advantage of the extensive experience of aerne engineering for the design and dimensioning of individual machines, devices or complete systems.
The finite element method (FEM) can also be used on request to analyse the stability of parts and components, enabling you to reduce the amount of work involved with prototypes, identify weak points and optimise component weight.

We apply the following simulation and analysis methods (SolidWorks simulation):

  • Simulation of liquid and gas flows
  • Testing and optimisation of assemblies and parts of all sizes
  • Analysis of assembly motions for process flows and job sequences
  • Reconstruction of the impact of temperature changes on parts and assemblies
  • Simulation of natural frequencies or critical buckling and bulging loads in your designs
  • Study of the impact of cyclic loads on product lifetime


It takes a control system to breathe life into a machine – and this system is the interface between electronic and mechanical parts. Thanks to their long-standing experience, the programmers at aerne engineering are able to exploit the full potential of the components and ensure they are perfectly coordinated.


The documentation of a project is an important part of the process, with well-conceived and comprehensive documentation helping to ensure correct usage and hence save costs. Operating instructions, product documentation or manuals – aerne engineering prepares them using state-of-the-art communication tools in an individualised and sensitive approach.

Staff leasing

  • Are you looking for staff to support you in a particular project for a specific period of time?
  • Do you have resource problems and are unable to recruit skilled personnel to realise your projects?

aerne engineering has the legally required permits for staff leasing, and can make well-trained specialists available who will work for you either on-site or from our headquarters. Engineers, technicians and draughtsmen are available, as are assembly staff.

  • Permit for domestic staff leasing – Office for Economy and Labour, canton of Thurgau
  • Permit for cross-border staff leasing – State Secretariat for Economic Affairs
  • Permit for staff leasing, Liechtenstein


We will be happy to provide you with a quote. Do not hesitate to contact us.