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High-performance barbecue system for various barbecue products

Queues at the barbecue – a familiar sight? GRILLBOX from Aerne Engineering AG is here to help, and enables users to grill large quantities of meat or vegetables quickly and with a high level of quality. The system was developed in collaboration with a customer from the food industry. GRILLBOX is suitable for use by catering companies and in the food industry. GRILLBOX is an electric barbecue grill comprising two barbecue grates and a movable grill head, with the benefit that the next portion can already be prepared on the second grate while some of the food is under the grill. The food is held in place like a sandwich during cooking, and grilled from both sides. Food items with a thickness of up to approximately 50 millimetres can be used.


Areas of application

  • Catering companies

  • Food industry


  • High capacity
  • Suitable for various barbecue products

  • Easy to use

  • Robust construction


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