Clever and cost-effective solutions are in demand in the cleaning industry. Devices are built in large quantities and used on a daily basis in a harsh environment, and this must be taken into account in the development phase. Aerne Engineering offers the following detailed and design-related knowledge of the materials and parts used:

  • Injection-moulded plastic parts
  • Rotational-moulded plastic parts
  • Aluminium casting
  • Die-casting
  • Suction lips for scrubber-dryers and wet vacuum cleaners
  • Suction motors
  • Brush motors
  • Non-slip wheels
  • Battery technology
  • User ergonomics
  • Efficient usage of the cleaning solution
  • Automatic dispensing of cleaning products
  • Driving assistance
  • Sensor technology
  • Automated cleaning
  • Service-friendly and robust design
  • Test bench for long-term testing

Aerne Engineering helps you to bring your product range in line with the latest technical developments. Our comprehensive development offering stretches from idea generation in the concept phase through the dimensioning of parts and components, with the preparation of design variations and detailed drawings, to the manufacture of prototypes ready for delivery. We are happy to offer our customers the necessary services relating to the various development stages either as a complete package or as individual services. Our customers benefit considerably from the fact that our services are offered for a fixed price and a set deadline. Our goal as a company is to supplement our customers’ expertise through our own experience, with a view to significantly improving our customers’ pace of innovation.

Examples of past projects

More past projects

Test bench (Wetrok Ltd)


Automatic dispensing (Wetrok Ltd)

Automatische Dosierung