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Convenience products

Convenience products include frozen food, ready meals and baking mixes, and the processes involved in producing them are complex and subject to systematic quality control. In addition to this, these products must be processed gently and hygienically in the stages that follow on from production, right up to delivery to the customer.

With manufacturers constantly expanding the range of products they offer and quality requirements continuing to increase, high demands are placed on the automation systems used in the further processing of such products and their packaging.

Clever automation solutions make it possible to meet these demands in the areas of sorting, handling, packaging, secondary packaging, palletising, etc. Aerne Engineering AG works closely together with its customers to develop customised automation solutions for convenience products.

Examples of past projects

More past projects

VC999, shrink tunnel

VC999 Schrumpftunnel

VC999, bag loader

VC999 Beutelabfüllgerät