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Meat and dairy products

The processing of solid foods such as meat and salad presents a huge challenge for food producers and the process industry due to the differences in quality, shape and consistency. The main problem for the meat industry is caused by dead space in machinery, which is difficult to access and hence to clean.

Our sector expertise enables us to produce systems with a high level of automation in which human intervention is kept to a minimum, thereby eliminating an essential contamination factor. The systems are built exclusively using stainless steel, and are designed to comply with the protection class you require (IP67, IP69K).

Aerne Engineering AG offers you automation for ultrasonic cutting, packaging, container handling and palletising systems.

Examples of past projects

VC999, shrink tunnel

VC999 Schrumpftunnel

VC999, bag loader

VC999 Beutelabfüllgerät

Ultrasonic cutting


(Illustration based on real-life installation. Photo not published at customer’s request.)