clever thinking. swift action. strong implementation.

aerne engineering ag transforms ideas into reality. With a strong team that refines, designs, calculates, programs and creates, always with a view to offering our customers a clever solution. And this is possible thanks to the company’s many years of experience, meticulous care in development and passion for technology.

Engineers, designers and draughtsmen – the team at aerne engineering rely on an immense wealth of knowledge from a range of different industries. This enables us to offer significant advantages in product development, with the customer benefiting from a single point of contact all the way from the idea to a prototype ready for series production.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford (founder of Ford)


We offer the following services individually or as a comprehensive package, depending on your needs:

Idea generation

A successful product clearly sets itself apart from the rest. It meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations and is well-conceived from start to finish. Aerne Engineering supports you in finding and realising the right ideas for a well-conceived product.

Concept studies

Do you want to enjoy the certainty of seeing your vision become reality? Aerne Engineering will carry out feasibility studies for you, identifying risks and opportunities and helping to increase your success.


“Form follows function” is a central dogma in designer circles, and one that suggests that, conversely, function can also follow form. This helps to make the product easier to handle for the end user, with a well-conceived design offering significant added value for your product. The designers at Aerne Engineering look forward to supporting you with their expertise and creativity.


Before it enters into production, a new product must be tested extensively. Prototypes play a central role in this testing, and it is important to focus on certain key areas in these initial versions of a new product. Thanks to their extensive experience in a wide range of industries, the team at Aerne Engineering are able to support you in the planning, manufacture and optimisation of prototypes.


aerne engineering is your partner of choice when it comes to transforming ideas into reality. Thanks to modern design tools and an extensive selection of machinery, aerne engineering will accompany you during the various stages that lead to the finished product – from the creation of complete production documents to full manufacture and assembly and – if needed – series production.


Would you like to learn more about us or find out how we can support you in your projects? Do not hesitate to contact us.