Robots and robot systems, customized automation solutions for assembly technology

Robots and robot systems, customized automation solutions for assembly technology, quality assurance thanks to automated testing systems and automation of manual processes: aerne engineering develops customer-specific systems and automation solutions. A competent team of experts designs systems and machines and builds them ready to use.

Robotics + Handling

Smart control in everyday life: Robots have not been a thing of the future for a long time. Whether in industry, medicine, education, agriculture or in the household: Wherever high flexibility, efficiency, autonomy and top quality are in demand, robot technology comes into play. Modern robots already assume complete work sequences and are the epitome of automation. Engineers at aerne engineering design, develop and program solutions for robots and robot systems – so that our electronic helpers have everything under control.


Assembly automation

Assembly automation is crucial for production automation, where various processes are executed by an automation system. aerne engineering adapts the fully automatic assembly systems to the production requirements and needs of their customers.


Test automation

aerne engineering is specialized in industrial automated testing. In order to optimize testing processes, automatic testing devices are developed which can be adapted to individual requirements.

Process automation

aerne engineering automates manual processes to make them more economical. Process automation increases quality and productivity and saves on raw materials, energy and personnel.

Products for feeding technology - Feeding technology asba

aerne engineering manufactures products for feeding technology under the brand name asba automation. The products range from bulk material feeds to part separators.