We accompany you during the development of your robotics or automation product

aerne engineering accompanies the product development from A to Z. Our services include engineering + design, software, vision + simulation, series production + assembly, maintenance, service + support, as well as consulting + recruitment of temporary personnel.

Consulting + Staff Hiring

aerne engineering undertakes consulting from A-Z, when a customer wants to develop a new product, automate his processes or plan new production. We also create product specifications and requirement specifications on behalf of our customers.


Engineering + Concept

Design is the first important step of product or system development. Well-thought-out planning and solid concept development form the cornerstones of a successful project. Therefore, rely on our experience, so that your project will have firm standing from the beginning. Our objective is to make your idea visible and tangible.


Series construction + assembly

For one thing, series production at aerne engineering includes in-house manufacturing, created from the upstream engineering and product development services. On the other hand, systems from customer developments are built using the existing design fundamentals in series production for the customer. The service includes the procurement of individual components, assembly, control cabinet construction, including commissioning and the test run of the systems. The systems are manufactured as turnkey solutions and are shipped directly to the end customer on request. We also offer quality and safety-related testing, as well as their documentation, as an additional service.


Software, Vision & Simulation

Humans, machines and systems communicate and cooperate with one another. You are only ready for the future with digitalized industrial production – Key words: Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence. The control forms the interface between electronic and mechanical components. aerne engineering programs system controls, since the program in the control is the first to breathe life into the machine.


Maintenance, service + upkeep

A machine or system should be in use long-term. The systems must be reliable, as well as be consistently powerful with high performance. Regular and professional maintenance is the most important thing for the productivity of your systems. aerne engineering is your reliable partner for meticulously performed service and maintenance work.