Maintenance, service + upkeep

A machine or system should be in use long-term. The systems must be reliable, as well as be consistently powerful with high performance. Regular and professional maintenance is the most important thing for the productivity of your systems. aerne engineering is your reliable partner for meticulously performed service and maintenance work.


Patrick Fischer

Head of Service

T +41 71 552 48 24

Maintenance work guarantees the productivity of your production systems. aerne engineering will professionally perform this work for you, and can ensure that your system or machine is ready to go and works smoothly. Due to our many years of experience in the areas of special machine construction, product development, engineering and automation, we are the leaders in the maintenance and servicing of machine and system technology. Precautionary maintenance ensures consistent machine performance and highest possible reliability.


Our range of services includes engineering, part production, software adaptation, spare part management, retrofitting, repairs and remote maintenance. It ranges from completely new development to the retrofitting of existing machines and systems. The service team from aerne engineering executes all maintenance work flexibly and reliably to your full satisfaction. We also perform servicing work on third-party systems.