Software, Vision & Simulation

Humans, machines and systems communicate and cooperate with one another. You are only ready for the future with digitalized industrial production – Key words: Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence. The control forms the interface between electronic and mechanical components. aerne engineering programs system controls, since the program in the control is the first to breathe life into the machine.


Patrick Kurer

Head of Software / Robotics

T +41 71 552 48 96

Intelligent and digitally networked systems are the fundamentals for industry of the future. Programmers from aerne engineering make it possible for humans, machines and systems to interact perfectly. To control and automate machines and production lines, specialists program complex machine controls, robots from various manufacturers and human/machine interfaces (HMI). In Industry 4.0, networking with the cloud is added. The HMI plays a leading role in the networking of data and linking systems. Simulation tools, such as robot simulations, prevent high prototype costs and visualize the functions.


Intelligent cameras give the machines "eyes". The cameras can monitor processes and inspect parts exactly. Together with the customer, we will design an exact specification and will implement this with state-of-the-art solutions. Artificial intelligence is also used here. Completely new problems can be solved. Problems that only the human eye could handle before.